Yup lost around 3 cents a share for a tidy sum. But hanging around here I would not be able to even break even for months. At least if kam rises by say .20 cents in a day I will have made my apm loss back,which likely happens by april at the latest.   You on the other hand can have your monies stuck here chasing a dream. A resource may be slowly building and I mean slowly but monies and dilution will be issues in the near term future. And I held just to see the results but based on what I saw decided trading is the way to get ahead. And it wasnt me comparing apples and oranges but the yukon is moving and the drills havent even touched the ground this season.    Sometimes you need to know when to fold em, and judging by today others know what you will learn hallgg.   See by the time this gets exploring again traders will be flipping for 1-4 cents making real gains tough.