And you know this because,lol? Qk I did talk to Brunelle for the first time and he seemed like a friendly and candid ceo. He told me they are getting more material back and likely will be announcing results soon. On the topic of insider activity,he explained to me that himself, the cfo and 1 other fella are the only people in the loop as far as results goes.  He has no care or worries for the insider selling.  Meaning any other director or insider knows as much as we retails know? For now I will give him a chance and believe what he says.  

  He did tell me that he was surprised and somewhat upset that the sp didnt move much higher on those exceptional grades first drilled because of weak market conditions and constant selling! He reminded me that those kinds of holes dont happen every program and when they do you just hope for better appreciation. Meaning the further you step away from the cmz the greater the chance of lower grades EVENTUALLY from extending strike, newer targets etc.  Recent quick program were shallow holes. So lets hope these modest results are good or better!   But with all the different ir and ceo,s I have spoken to over the yrs he seemed pretty decent,polite and not a salesman.