Shale gas burned in Lebieniu until six days



11/07/2012, Updated: 11/07/2012 14:42
How much oil and gas can be in Polish shale

How much oil and gas can be in Polish shale

With the hole in the shales conducted by 3Legs Resources reported as large outflow of gas that was burned for nearly a week - said CleantechPoland portal.
According to the fire in the hole CleantechPoland Lebien LE -2H in Pomerania was lit on November 1 and burned for at least six days in a row, and the height of the flame reached up to 15 m Such burning excess methane released during exploration drilling is a normal procedure, performed for reasons Safety and ecology. Firms 3Legs Resources and ConocoPhillips thus burn gas when you work on removing the fracturing fluid from the well made ??in Lebieniu - CleantechPoland wrote.

Portal points out that Poland had already lit the gas released from the wells in the shale. But for the first time been able to maintain a long flame - highlights CleantechPoland. This is a signal that there is a chance for the extraction of gas from shale in Lebieniu in commercial quantities. But you have further work to confirm this - experts quoted by CleantechPoland.