this company more like a private equity investment - i.e. they don't seem too worried about the impact of quarterly results and look more to the long run in their strategic decisions. This works if you are a long term investor (which I am) and the company is not looking to go to market to finance expansion in the short to medium run (which I don't think they are). The fact that management seems happy to take options at $1.10 per share and that Vision Capital purchased $5 million of shares in EDU's last share issuance at $1.10 per share gives me a lot of confidence that the key people know what they are projecting to do and are confident that they are progressing towards those goals. The multiple change in CEO's is somewhat disconcerting and lack of guidance as to what they expect to earn as they grow their child care space capacity is also disconcerting. In private equity situations the investors are privy to those numbers.

At this point in time they must have a pretty good idea as to what the future holds under very plausible assumptions.  Parkland (PKI) provided a 5 year plan guidance and it was very positively received by the market. Given the comments by Donville (which were as severe as I have ever heard from him) I would have thought that management would have provided more specific guidance than they did.