Oddly enough you might be right. I have a sense that the social media people in EDU are pretty good. They seem to keep on top of things with their facebook site. Donville is concerned with ROA and ROE, as EDU moves toward taking advantage of leasing strategies and utilizing debt for expansion, combined with a turn around in operating cash flow, things should start to improve on those metrics. I would just like to reitterate again. Donville hates REIT type businesses. EDU has a REIT type nature. EDU just does not fit into his investment system. He also prefers established companies. The reason I moved into this company as of the last month after watching it for a year and a half is because I think that operating cash flow will creep into positive territory and it seems that the organization (when you split it out due to components not matching up as they are coming online) is in this area already.


To be honest this is probably a good thing. Donville has put pressure on management to grow the ROE and ROA on the company. This will now be expected of them. They basically gave him the bird with that press release. I feel they are motivated to prove him very wrong. :)