I can answer you, but as always your best bet is to contact the company.


From my point of view:

- debt service is the monthly interest costs

- as for the ~, it's the symbol for approximately... Based on fluctuating oil prices, production levels, and royalty structures ~ is the best you will ever get from an oil company at any given moment in time.  The 400K/month figure was taken from the July 2012 Edge Corp. Pres.  As to the "net cash flow"  The 400K/m figure was labeled as "Current Operating Cash Flow", It's my understanding that the definition of that term is as follows:

The International Financial Reporting Standards defines operating cash flow as cash generated from operations less taxation and interest paid, investment income received and less dividends paid gives rise to operating cash flows. To calculate cash generated from operations, one must calculate cash generated from customers and cash paid to suppliers. The difference between the two reflects cash generated from operations.


Hopefully that helps,