William Lamarque, Ecometal's CEO stated that "Mr. Clark's appointment represents a strengthening of the Board with his valuable experience at a time when the Company is considering a number of strategic actions to grow shareholder value."

One thing I have observed in this life is that talk is plentiful and it goes cheap too.......

Investors dollars however don't always come quite as easily as words that flow in a press release and Ecometals shareholders have been more than patient and deserve to be better informed. We realize there were issues, many were unavoidable along with the unfortunate timing of a global economic quagmire which hasn't helped.

That's all history now and I suspect most shareholders want to know what is in store going forward from here.  We don't want to look back and gripe nor borrow from tomorrow's troubles but would appreciate being better informed as to where things are at currently and what realistic and practical plans does this management team have in store to 'grow shareholder value' other than obscure references contained in successive news releases.