A bankable feasibility study isnt the issue here, that one would have to be done by a bank willing to supply funds for development of a mine.

It will come down to whether a judge believes EAG is in the right as far as:

(ii) commit to cause the commencement of commercial production from the Project, within one year of earning its 75% interest, which occurred on April 20, 2012.

Since EAG has:

(1)carried the brunt of this project for a few years now

(2) has spent millions drilling and is now the 75% owner of the Windfall Lake project

(3) is now spending a few million$ to get Stantec to do a feasibility study

I find it hard to believe a judge would look at this and say "'You arent doing enough to convince me that you are committing to taking this project to production."

NOT grasping at straws to try to force thru the MAO insult of an offer.

Noront gets cash, and EAG gets shares of a rapidly declining stock. Judge may not look too favorably at that part either. JMHO tho , and as i say it may take some time for a decision to come down.


Outside of going to a bank for money, how much more could EAG do?