Its unfortunate that a great deposit like this gets ignored because the JV partners wont work together to bring it to production. Instead of choosing to help EAG get the gold mine going, Noront decided to stab them in the back with a ridiculous, insulting deal cooked up in a back room with the Harbour Sharks from MAO.

April is coming quickly , but i dont see any immediate resolution to the current impasse.

EAG management says they are doing the feasibility study and thus fulfilling the terms of the JV agreement, which says they must  GIVE NOTICE of  the commitment to take Windfall to production.

Noront is saying that giving notice isnt enough, and what the agreement really says , is that a positive bankable feasibility study must be provided by said date , to fulfill the agreement.

This will ultimately end up before Arbitration, and then up into the courts if it cant be settled there. Could drag on for years, making the lawyers rich, and the shareholders in the companies involved very poor.