From what i understand the problem was from the company reporting gross revenue from the construction side of things because they are basically a financier of the projects the securities commision only wanted net revenues reported from this side of the bussiness - the pipe side and pump revenues were fine and will be reported the same - so in the end net revenues the bottomline  will be unchanged when they are re-filled shortly yes gross revenues will be somewhat effected though because of the new reporting    and going forward the constuction side of the bussiness will report only net revenues - so everyone just relax a new CFO will be announced in the next days - its bussiness as usual - kpmg has figured out the accounting issues - i believe we hope to be trading in the next 30 days or so - feel free to contact the company to confirm this is only my interpratation of what i was told  - expecting this glitch to pass and lots of good news to follow - also  expecting lots of support from wolverton and all the new shareholders looking for us to continue the great momentum we had.- If someone could contact management or IR and report here that would be great