Under the old guard serge bonnet and guy farebrother were flat out lyers.  They made excuses for their halt.  It was price waterhouses fault it was the contractor it was ..... You get the idea.   Flexpipe company screwed us over etc.  my point is this halt I don't think will be a short one.   Phil was part of the old management and was buddy buddy with serge and guy.   Phil was kicked out for lying for gods sake on his credentials and was forced to step down.   Some have said he was forced to resign.

Now to my point.   When all the closets are cleared out of cobwebs/skeletons and this is all sorted out this will be a good company.   They have the right management in place now.   So the need is to find out what other lies or cover ups exist and get it all out in the open now so that 6 months from now something else doesn't pop up.  I will re enter this stock again once the dust settles.   Good management just needs to sweep out yesterday's dust  that's all.