Looking for exponential growth here with the new addition of some top notch tier 1  players in the oilfield services sector there is no doubt they have big plans for OTS with the opening up of the mexican oil industry as stated by Pemex and the new president of Mexico . I believe we are going to catch the markets attention in a big way looking for this stock to get to a $1.00 very quickly i believe big projects have been presented to us as we are well connected and have proven our abilites to provide a huge savings to the bottomline and have provided service that has continually exceeded expectations and met or exceeded timelines - Why a $1.00 quickly well once we hit that amount we can have acces to huge financings and institutional support of which we will need to take on the huge projects being presented to us that will take us to the next level - We now have the A team to take us there and all the connections they possess on the ground and at the institutional level - to add to that im looking for the company to expand into new markets and with new products and services - In 2013 im also expecting the possibility of  a listing on the TSX and some analyst coverage . -  Only a few companies allow you a chance at a 10 bagger if not more i believe this is one of them and my top pick for 2013 !! - remember once again these high profile players never came on board for nothing good luck to all !!