things are starting to really fall into place for OTS... 3 profitable quarters in a row, debentures being converted to equity, the largest single order for pipes ever received to be completed in Q4 this year and they have brought on some very highly regarded directors. When Q4 numbers are released they will have lapped the substantial loss from Q4 last year and will have ~3-4 cents a share in earnings for the year... that will be a huge positive for the organization and the share price. Continued growth at this pace puts OTS in a very good position for 2013 and from what I understand the orders that have been received so far are the beginning of the recognition for the successful test projects so far. Remember PEMEX has a 22 billion dollar a year CAPEX budget and the flexible pipe has been shown to be 40-60% cheaper than traditional piping and a lot easier and faster to install... if all goes well 2013 could be a massive year for OTS. Hears hoping at least!