you ask good questions, may i suggest you phone the company, ask some questions, ask about the new aquisition...i agree with skinny, especially if you know the old mngt of 2 years ago, this is a new company, diversifying in new directions (pipe, filters, pumps, construction finance and project management in canada, us, mexico and ....?) and with a bright future. not sure why the two new directors would get involved if they didnt see potential. in terms of financials, i personally think we are 6-12 months from significant growth numbers, but in the interim, you dont have to look to hard to see the positives in this companys plans. i dont know about the .34 cents today, but wouldnt surprise me to see us there in the short term...with regards to their favourite options price of $.15, 2.5m was raised in a bad market and i for one am quite interested to see who took down some of that $.15 pp.

anyways, good to have you aboard the thread and asking questions. C1