Pretty direct:

[Dacha believes that Danny Guy, Salida and Goodwood are attempting to hijack the Company because of their own failed investment strategies. For example, Salida has a track record of underperforming benchmarks, presiding over significant investor losses over the past five years. As of September 30, 2012, Salida Strategic Growth Fund had lost 43.98%, 52.94% and 60.05% of its value for the one, three and five year periods, respectively, under the management of founder Danny Guy. Likewise, Salida Wealth Preservation Fund was down 10.13% for the one year period as of that date. (1)

Scott Moore, Dacha President and CEO, said, “Under Danny Guy’s leadership, Salida’s negative performance record speaks for itself. With no rare earth elements experience and questionable track records, the entire Goodwood and Salida group of nominees present tremendous risk to the future of Dacha. We urge Dacha shareholders not to hand the Company over to Salida and Goodwood. Dacha’s nominees, including Jim Rogers, have the experience and skills to best represent the interests of all Dacha shareholders and we urge shareholders to support them today.”]