i just read teh goodwood dissident circular and have three questions.

1. if goodwood takes over, can they assure us that the $8M "change of control" fee due to be paid to F&M will NOT be paid? If it must be paid, then it guts the balance sheet and a change of control is a bad idea.

2.  will goodwood tell us what they intend to pay themselves in terms of salaries and fees if they take over DSM?  They recently took over LFD and pay themselves pretty hefty salaries/fees for so far having done nothing?

3. Peter Gundy is obviously qualified in the rare earth space, but the circular claims that "they expect to be assisted" by Gundy. That is a far cry from "he has committed", or "he will be an employee or full time consultant, etc". And, how much and what will he be paid?

If i had satisfactory answers to all those questions, I would vote for goodwood, until then not so sure.......

PS: the devil you know is better than the devil you dont.  they are right about bharti and F&M gutting their companies!