todays news that the NAV of $.59 per share is a great way for management to thwart the goodwood management takeover bid.  WHen there was such a big disparity between the NAV and the stockprice, goodwood could claim that moore/bharti were poor managers.  SO........moore/bharti brings down the NAV by a big amount so now the disparity between NAV and stock price is as small as it has been in a few years.  HAHAHA, thats a creative way for management to kill the argument that goodwood would increase the sharehoulder value. how could they change market values of rare earths around the world? they cant.  well done moore/bharti, dropping the market value of our inventory sooooooo much (maybe below actual market?) that goodwoods toast.  after all the market value of the inventory is somewhat subjective isnt it?

by the way, goodwood are full of sheet. look what they did with longford. inserted themselves as managers and are now paying themselves exorbenent salaries for so far having done exactly nothing.  they suck