Actually what we are talking about here are two different deposits.  The Itafos deposit is a low grade high tonnage type deposit that needs beneficiation, hence the concentration plant they have been construction for the past two years..Eagle Star can be more compaired to something like what Rio Verde Minerals (RVD.T) had before they got taken over (at a $60M valuation), but it looks to be quite larger..RVD had 1.9 million tons grading 19% which is high grade and can be used as direct application fertilizer..Eagle Star has this same high grade but their deposit looks to be in much much larger tonnage..Therefor there is no need to concentrate the material they can move into production right away..With a deposit larger that RVD and a market cap on third of what they got bought out at you can see where the upside is...Also it is known that MbAC could very much be interested in EGE's high-grade becasue they can use it to mix with their low grade and their over all low grade resource could now be upgraded improving the economics of their whole operation...So a take over is very much a possible exit as well especially being right beside..