It also looks like someone or some company is working really hard to keep the Drv SP down.  Maybe shaking the bushes a bit. Some of the investors not seeing a SP movement will get frustrated and jump ship.  Maybe that is what they are counting on.

If you look at what Rio Alto did with their company. Listed in Peru, used South American capital markets to make alot of shareholders very happy .36-2.00 range in a short period of time and eventually getting to over 5.50.  We probably will not see this kind of price range, but we should definately be north of .75  Rio also used capital from there mining project to fund the entire operation if I remember correctly.  We now have Alex Black on the board of Drv, we are listed in Peru and we seem to be drilling the main Aguila pit.  My uneducated quess is that we might be mining the copper ourselves unless some major or JV partner steps up to the plate soon.

I am okay with this as long as long as we see some SP value along way.