We need a class action. I have spoken a few times on the phone with Guy. After one Call I spent a lot of money on shares. I am sure he hasn't just done this to me. Inbox me. This guy can't get away with what he has done to this company."things are looking good, I see a bright future ahead" " we have big money about to jump on board, He has a lot of money and power! He will make this happen" I got no info, Just pure Bull. Just up beat and full of promise.
This company that was at 1.20's with gold at 300, just sold for .01 with gold at 1700+ omg what happen here? What happen to the gold from 2012 we made?? That info alone could jump the sale price!!
This Guy needs to rot in jail!! No way this PLE or Guy is walking away with .01 of one share, Never mind millions of shares!!! This man pumped us all with great news! We seen $1.20+ prices.
While the entire time. He had to know we had big problems! Never once on the ride up, did he say one word! Even a hint of a problem.
After the bad new about permits and problems with the locals we now see the the true price and the outcome of this company under Guy. He had insider info about this!! Why with all the news releases, did this never come out! We need answers !
This is forward looking statements omg!!! This was right out theft!!! Guy got all his shares at rock bottom price! With years of 1/2 truths, news that was never going any ware.
I never got to vote on this sale! My parent never got a vote! My buddy that I got in on this pos never got a vote! I am sure we have more that never got a vote! e-mail me. Lets get this started!
I will be calling a good lawyer friend in Toronto in the morning. I think his firm does this type of work. Text/e-mail get on all them site!! Pass this on! No way this can keep going on! We need to stand uo to this type of theft!
This forward looking bull needs to change!
It should read with your right hand on the bible.

This is the absolute truth . The tsx has read and verified this to be true.

I work hard for my money!! I don't get if for FREE

!!!!'CLASS ACTION!!!!!
[email protected]

This is a forward looking! All info is to the best of my ability. Seeing as I am so angry! Tsx has not read this! Or gives a you know what!