Few questions.

1) Why Mr. Malouf and Mr. Iansome have no stock of DFI?
2) What will happen if we rejected the debenture (especially one that covers a 500K debt maturing in March 2013)? I do not think it will be beneficial to DFI lack of cash at this time.

But after reading the prospectus, the real question (speculative) that remains is this:

"There is certainly a fundamental reason why Mr. Boulle wants to recover more than 50% of the shares of DFI. Why does he have a majority?"

Looking closely on warrants in the hands of BOD, 1150K to 0.18 due 08-2015, 300K 0.42 700K due in 02-2016 and 02-2017 to expire in 0.12.

This is much, much money for them at the time that the price will be in the range of 0.25 to 0.75.

So, for my part, I vote for the debenture and I have patience! I like to think and dream (since 2005) Mr. Boulet will make me a very rich man!

Good day!