I would guess that the person putting up 200K at 5 cents each time is the same guy. I don't know how much stock he has sold but probably 3 million shares by now.


All the other odd amounts are probably just day traders or small investors. Yesterday's smack down of 400K straight into the bid appeared to be a sell out for margin purposes. Otherwise why would you hit the bid like that. Whatever it was it put a fair bit of stock into the hands of short term flippers which have now piled it on to the 5 cent offer thereby increasing the wall to get through.


All of this trading seems a bit strange to me. Considering that MTB has more shares outstanding and is not facing the same kind of selling pressure I have to ask myself if something is going on with DEC that I am not aware of. Does this big seller know something and that is why he is putting a lid on the stock in order to get off his position.


It sure would be nice to see one or two big buyers step up and clean out that 5 cent offer and take us bid at 5 cents in a serious way. If that were to happen I would cetainly feel a lot more comfortable about adding to my own position even if I had to pay 5 1/2 or 6 cents. Until I see that happen I am going to sit on the sidelines.