I'll start the loving process by picking up another 60,000 at the ask. Why start the loving process now. Two words: My Favorite Chart Pattern, ok that was four words. Looking at the 6 month chart I thought I saw something, so I went to the 1 year then the 2 then the 3 then the 4 and finally the 5.  There it was staring me in the face the whole time my favorite chart pattern the one I affectionately call "The B**B".  The "The B**B" has never let me down and this B**B has a support strap that is ready to snap!  It started to form in Sept of 2012 and looks like it is ready breakout anytime now , yeah baby!

This actually looks like the mother of all B**B Patterns. I'm naming this one the Kate Upton as I'm sure it will result in a new Mercedes for me.


Apparently B**B is an profane word.