since dec1 td has sold 5 million shares but has bought 3.4 million to be a net seller of 1.6 million

just think where we'd be if td did not sell those 5 million,it seems like td keeps throwing up 100,000 and 200,000 chunks at 5 cents as buyers goggle up the shares,sooner or later this td seller will run out of shares,just wondering why they don't stick 200,000 share chunks at 5.5 cents, 6 cents, 6.5 cents, 7 cents .... i'm sure they will eventually sell,there are buyers out there and of course they will take the 5 cent shares if they are available.if there are only 6 and 7 cent shares avaiable then buyers will goggle them up,so td seller-why don't you increase your ask a few cents,are you afraid to make some money