When you say that Pershing is buying v.DCY @ 15-16 cents, I am wondering whether you mean Pershing Square, a hedge fund in NY which is operated by Wm Ackman.  In the old days, there was a brokerage firm named Pershing, which was absorbed by another firm.  Then the old Pershing name and/or clearing operation may have been acquired by Credit Suisse.  I do not have easy access to the identities of the brokers who buy and sell shares on the TSX and TSX-V.   I am hoping that you will let me know whether your system allows you access to the full name of the Pershing firm that is buying v.DCY.  To my knowledge, Pershing and Pershing Square are entirely distinct from one another.  If the purchases are being done at Pershing (and not at Pershing Square), I am not sure how you can tell that the shares are being acquired by one fund, whether a mutual fund, a hedge fund or anything else.  I am in the US.


Thank you.