I agree with the steady stream of news and that is a good thing.  People need to have their hand held along the way.


I have stated that from what I have seen, that another successful well ( that means 500 ish barrells of condensate to the Creek ) generally adds 50 cents or so to the share price.  It also adds value through de-risking property. 


As far as share price is concerned, for the next few weeks.  There appears to be stock coming out from the $ 1.60 placement.  Now that you can short on the down tick it is an easy way to lock in profits, of course there needs to be a chunk of cash in the account to allow this..  Or borrow stock from a friend and blow it off, covering the position in a couple of weeks.


Therefore no movement until there is news on the well.  The type of movement will depend on the numbers.  Sellers may back off if they are good, or accelerate the pace downward if they are not.


At some point I feel that the sellers will be shaking their collective heads wondering why they bailed on a great situation.