Check out companies web page.  Not much different.  It does mention a study in progress for a 20 / 30 million cubic feet Natural Gas Processing Plant.  I think once the 3rd well is tested and the numbers come out we will here of the final decision.  Continuing bottlenecks downstream will play a big factor in the decision also.  I have heard that other companies in the area would like to use the facility.


Anybody care to guess what a plant of this size would cost.  I'm guessing / hoping that it can be financed with a bond issue at a fair % point.  I'd prefer not to do a stock deal.  

They may need to do that at a later date for drilling expenses and the like.  They appear to have spent a fair amout buying land lately, hard to tell with the use of Land companies as a front.


I think the # 3 well will reach total depth, at or very near, the middle of Feb.  I also assume that the # 2 well is on stream at some reduced production levels, if not, very soon.


I'm also thinking a large chunk of the past financing that has its hold period coming off in mid Feb has already been dealt with in one way or another.  There is also potential buyers that do not want to buy large blocks of stock when there are very few available.  This is where the big money comes in and cleans things up, they will want a place at the table for any future financings.


The upside is still very much a dream to some degree.  It keeps moving higher each time I have a hard look at things.  We are in for a fun ride.