I often disagree with your posts.  I think it is more how they are worded than the sentiment.


In this particular case you are bang on.  Many people buy stock with little or no knowledge of what they are buying.  Makes little sense with the tools we have at hand.  The interenet is the most incrdible thing and is used in many ways.  Information being the best.  IMHO.


I was aware of Questerres additonal property and that they were drilling there own well.  There was some discussion here as to where it was and who they were partnered with.  I made the eroneous assumption that they could not be drilling a well on their own.  A poster ( domus ) made it quite clear that I was out to lunch.  Even with all the knowledge at my fingertips I could not find the answer.  Sometimes it takes a nudge from a fellow poster to clear the air.


I was more or less asked to post the clarification, to help clear the air.  Rumours, without foundation, are very destructive.  They serve no reasonable purpose.  Management were concerned with the fear that Questerres unfortunate situation was causing.  Questerre is in fact a partner, along with Contact  and Donnycreek in their Kakwa property, they have a well that will likely reach total depth in the next couple of weeks or so.  


 The heard mentality, based on fear, can be very destructive.  Having said that, most shareholders do not read the bullboards.  Information is the key,  when fellow posters take the time to share the info they have in a considerate way, without too much of an agenda, we all profit.


I am truly grateful for the knowledge I have recieved here and elsewhere.  That is coming from a former floor trader that often thinks I know it all.  26 years of being a trader, and I can be brought to knees with info I did not have.


With the info I do have, I believe we / I have a Tiger by the tail.  I am extremely fortunate that I bot my position at its low and I am still here. It has been a great ride and I want to thank some of the posters that I hope are still in the game for their insight and keeping me on side.