Why would anyone sell you ask?

I can give you one good reason, as you well know this is the same managment group that is behind the Donnybrook and it was supposed to be the star stock and everyone was talking the same way they are here about these huge target prices and take over rumors at high prices ect.

Well I probably dont have to tell you that the stock got decimated from highs in the mid .80's to now in the .13 area

You may say its not the same ect ect.. and that may be evident now but when brook was flying everyone and I mean everyone was talking the exact same way as they are now talking about the creek

Im just saying there are never any guarantees and thats why people sell, especially when they learned their lesson from deals like brook

Also I dont need to refresh anyones memory that creeks property came from brook for what I would like to call a song and that there are now ALOT of discruntled brook shareholders