Thanks Gekkoin. So basically from your report, this stock has been nothing but a day trader for almost everyone, no one real brokerage has picked up any real position and a lot of little players through TD, CIBC and a host of other little brokerage now hold the paper.

Crazy game. This was played for a drill program and that the CEO hold a lot of paper and not selling, thus making the push by Canaccord upwards easier because the CEO didn't sell, thus, sucking in buyers, while the majority or the other non management paper holders exited. Hopefully the CEO has been telling the right people and the new holders hold their paper a little longer.

All I can say is let's hope Hole #6 comes back with strong assays, otherwise this is toast in this very, very difficult resource and financing market. Nothing will run that isn't short of SPECTACULAR - so, let's hope.

The game is on, I guess the message is, don't be the one left holding the bag because this one is no more consolidated than when it started, just new people with new dreams. Like the game of chairs where each time they remove a chair until someone wins or looses.