I agree, the stock has thinned. And rightfully so, I ran the trades and position since April 26, WOW, this has traded a staggering 25 Million shares - hard to believe but true. The biggest buyer has been Canaccord, with 7.4 M, net positive over 5M (this clearly means they have accumulated a very significant positive position), but the rest have been surprising a wash, with most of the selling jumping out of House #1 (Anon, for whatever reason, but often from the offshore). Given the CEO hasn't sold and what Canaccord has bought, and assuming that the warrants and options have not be exercised, there simply cannot be anymore than a few million shares that hasn't moved into new hands.

Am I save to assume that the consolidaiton has beeen completed (likely to about $0.15), thus not much selling now especially with the move the company has made, i.e. induced polarization survey given the very significant core visuals announced in Hole #6.

Conclusion: unless the world falls apart, and unless the survey comes up blank, there should be good news coming from Hole #6 and the survey which will attract buyers, bring in brokerage support, and allow the company to do a financing about $0.25 or thereabouts.