Yes.  According to data on the web site, the property has been sampled quite a few times over the past 40+ years with some very encouraging samples, but it has never been drilled.  Geophysics point that mineralization is present, the only questions are how big and what grades... so will it be economical?  If you think the management is competent, then there is a good chance that they have picked the right property to advance.  It has been said that this is their flagship property - the one that could be a company maker.  Of course it is all very, very speculative so long as we don't get at least the first set of drilling resuls.  Samples are just an indication that mineralization is there, but it gives you no idea what kind of grades you will get over longer intervals.  I do believe that this management is more about action than promotion, so they'll let the results do the talking.