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Doubleview Capital Corp V.DBV

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Doubleview Capital Corp is engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties in North America.
Price: $0.21 | Change: +$0.01 | % Change: +5.00%
Volume: 107,388 | Day High/Low: 0.215/0.21 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.335/0.04

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5 stars

very interesting interview today on BMR

at least we have 1 Km length, no one knows how deep it is and this is only the B anamoly nice...  rate and reply
5 stars

RE:RE:too late to exercise warrants ??

Franksmart, yes, the sellers are making a 35% profit and replacing the stock after exercising the warrant. It is a no brainer, in fact, many sell all their private placement stock, exercise their...read more
3 stars

RE:too late to exercise warrants ??

Well with exercising at a 35% profit they likely have enough to pay for all of them already. Now if they wanted to hold a position they could quit selling at anytime. Now if they want the profit in...read more
5 stars

too late to exercise warrants ??

i don't understand the presence of all these asks when there is no time remaining to exercise the warrants , we are thursday and tomorrow is the last business day any clues ???  rate and reply
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RE:Previous Timeline Drilling/Assay

1276 m = 49 days this include the set up, the move, the average of drilling is more than 26 meters per day....you ca double this for an average of 50 meters per day and the first 300 is more !  rate and reply
0 stars

Previous Timeline Drilling/Assay

DBV: Six Holes 1380m 48 days. DBV Five Holes 1276m 49 days PGX Six Holes 2339m 56 days  rate and reply
5 stars

RE:RE:April showers brings May flowers

I believe that Farshad is one of the most focused CEOs in the mining exploration sector. He is always thinking ahead. He told me he wants minimal risk and delusion for the shareholders. His actions to...read more
4 stars

Eat my HAT

I just watched the second BMR interview with John Buckle from todays report live from the Hat property. 3 years of research with 3 top notch geophysicists. Compiling data and mapping out possibly one...read more
2.5 stars

RE:April showers brings May flowers

Yes Frank. I think it will be just 1 hole reported, maybe next week, if not then the following week I am sure. I am hoping for a hole that is around 1km long and maybe 700m deep. If the mineralisation...read more
5 stars

RE:April showers brings May flowers

Frank speeking about assay results, do you have confirmed intel that the assays will be released by bits and pieces or is it going to be a one shot release for the whole drilling program cheers  rate and reply
5 stars

April showers brings May flowers

It looks to be raining in many parts of western Canada this week. It's no longer freezing at night and with the rain out comes the frost. From BMR's arial photos there looked to be lots of snow in the...read more
5 stars

RE:AGAIN, nothing new today in the BMR report

Investforever, yes, BMR is likely under a confidentiality agreement and not allowed to buy and sell stock. They are legally in the same boat as the rest of us, which is a good thing since they are not...read more
5 stars

AGAIN, nothing new today in the BMR report

looks like the code of silence is imposed on these guys this is getting real intense  rate and reply
3 stars

Vega gives mention to DBV and options Sheslay.

So many of the same players and companies are in the game of promotion together (in each others back pockets so to speak). As you, I own PST (not doing very well by the way - lesson learned but...read more
3 stars

Drilling, Results, Warrants and action.

DBV is knocking at the golden door again. The interesting part about playing penny stock is one never, never knows what is going to happen. DBV is drilling, but up to now, the only information to go...read more
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Got some, looks poised to drop further, why not wait I guess.  rate and reply
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Nothing new on the BMR post

today  rate and reply
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looking for dry powder myself, i'll take the sub 0.23's at this stage if I can.  rate and reply
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if you guys are right and they have some lab assays already ., i hope this downturn now is not casued by that  rate and reply
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This appears to be pressure from the warrants, don't worry after this week the pressure should be off, thought CC was done selling but it appears not. Guy I agree with you, by  now I would expect they...read more