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) A Almatois in distress was rescued quickly, yesterday afternoon, through its SOS visible from the air. Unable to continue his journey by canoe on Peribonka due to equipment failure and difficult conditions, Denis Maltais began in survival mode in the middle of the week.

Party dam Peribonka IV, he had, as it expects to reach the Ascension on Wednesday. But yesterday, he had walked half of the navigable river corridor that stretches over 140 kilometers before emptying into Lake St. John. When he did not return, his sister asked a friend of his brother furrow Peribonka. The latter finding no trace, the woman alerted police yesterday morning.


"The last few days have been difficult. There was the wave of strong winds. One evening, I hosted with a canvas, but she left the wind when there was lightning. I thought I was in Vietnam, "he told the man. On Tuesday, he decided to stay on shore to let the bad weather. Unfortunately, he noted Wednesday that his boat was also damaged. He can not leave his camp.

Distress Signal

Accustomed to wilderness survival, Denis Maltais had the bright idea of ​​writing in the sand, early yesterday morning, an SOS using its isothermal cover (metallic). It is a member of the board of directors of Arianne Phosphate which saw the signal, in the afternoon, while he was aboard a helicopter for a flight between Lake Paul and Alma.

"When I saw it in the sky, I wanted to cry," commented Denis Maltais, during which he held his sister in his arms as he left the helicopter.

The old man in his fifties was doing very well during his rescue. But it was more than relieved to see happen quickly for help.

The police had started the process to find the Almatois. But it was the team of Panorama Helicopters who went out of his predicament. Arianne Phosphate, which had chartered four aircraft for a little more than 20 people, was visiting with investors on the site of Lake Paul. The company agreed to bring man back to port.

"It is a passenger in a helicopter which came SOS. Since I had more fuel, it is I who have made myself on the beach. And it was something surprising. In addition to the SOS signals it was with his arms. We see that just in the movies. We do not think it will happen to us one day, "says the driver in Panorama Helicopters Louis Bellemare.

Denis Maltais and her sister thanked people Arianne Phosphate and Helicopters Panorama. "Without them, I do not know when we would have found," said the lady, relieved to see his brother.

The Sûreté du Québec and ambulance waiting at Mr. Maltais Alma Airport yesterday in landing the helicopter.

The police had started the process for searching. When Mr. Maltais was found, the SQ was about to search the water. A boat was sent near the Peribonka.