"I agree that a $4 - $5 dollar selling price is very realistic for this company, but with one interesting twist. I believe the value is for the Paul deposit only. They have six other deposits, and, they think Lucie could be bigger than Paul.

Why did the company change its name and is spinning off the other assets. Could it be they see long term opportunities with this deposit. Opportunities that go beyond Paul!!

To me this is a very long term hold, a modern IBM where you buy and forget. The long term value of this company is potentially enormous."

Kemano, I agree with you here, the Paul Zone is huge, what do think about spinning out the other deposits(Lucie) into another company,and giving it out to shareholders, this will create huge shareholder value. These properties should then be joint-ventured, and drilled. Enormous shareholder value could be created here. So much potential, and we are still trading under $1.50. This joint venture should only be done with one of the top players, we will be in for a free ride in the new company. Cheers, randd49

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