Rio Tinto, Fer et Titane has operated in Quebec for more than 60 years, and is a world leader in producing high quality titanium dioxide feedstock, cast iron, steel and metal powders. The business is part of Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium (RTIT), which supplies approximately 19 per cent of global demand from its operations in Quebec, South Africa and Madagascar. Titanium dioxide is mainly used to produce titanium pigment, the world's most commonly used white pigment, and adds opacity to paper, paints and plastics.

They obviously might need our by-product. Could be our strategic investor? Both those countries above are basket cases. Any opinions here. I know for sure Rio loves Canada, and want to be big players here, and it does make sense, but what is the Quebec gov't up to Beezer? It's Quebec, not South Africa, or Madagascar. It now makes sense for us to keep our titanium, and process it later. We will have to stock pile it, and put it in a vault.