Phosphate supply growth is likely to come increasingly from Saudia Arabia, Morroco and Western Sahara, but other projects will continue to spring up as demand for potash continues.

Arianne Resources (TSXV:DAN), a phosphate exploration company with a property in Lac a Paul, Quebec, recently announced that it has divested its non-phosphate assets to focus fully on “becoming a leading Canadian phosphate producer.”

Pierre Lortie, chairman of the board at Arianne, said the company will change its name to Arianne Phosphate in order to reflect its new focus.

“This divestiture will enable the Company to focus all its financial and management resources on developing its major phosphate deposit at Lac a Paul, in particular completing the Bankable Feasibility Study commenced last summer,” Lortie said in a press release.

This is just part of the article that mentions our company, the key words being here "becoming a leading Canadian phosphate producer." I think it is now time to get a Toronto listing, and getting off the venture exchange. This company is on its way, and does not belong here anymore! People now do know about us. Our patience in this company will be rewarded. For people who paid more than our current price, I advice you to do more dd, and decide if you want to buy more. I personally would add to my position in the future. It is never to late to buy a good company. I do not give personal advice, so always do your own dd, and be prepared to take a loss, if things do not pan our. Nothing is certain in life! I also read somewhere that Canada might be in Phosphate shortage this or next year, so when our mine does come into production, we could be using this resource right here. No need to ship it overseas. Just a thought to consider. The BFS should add alot of shareholder value.