I think they will have to diversify to create shareholder value, like the other big players, and get into the higher margin fertilizer products. According to what I was reading, you can have good grade stuff, and bad grade stuff.

The bad grade stuff is sold to the poorer countries, who can't afford to buy the good grade stuff. So this is why I believe we might get an offer from them. If you look at all the fertilizer players. They are all making winfall profits, and their stock prices are exploding. Of course I could be wrong. I am basing this on what happened to Cameco. There is alot of bad management out there. They bought a high cost mine in Australia, when they could have scooped up Hathor. If Potash Corp does not make a offer for us, I now will be very surprised now! It makes sense for them to take us out. But then remember there is alot of mismanagement out there, so do not expect an offer from them. To succeed in any business you always have to be one step ahead. Because alot of people was telling me about Potash Corp, and they can not be taken out, so it took me longer to put 2+2 together, but it now does make sense. To grow they have to take somebody out. I do not know. Nobody here has said anything, but this was in Jay's letter as a company who has a vested interest to take us out. Any comments here about Potash Corp?