Nice to see the rebound in the sp at the end of the week.  At first glance, to anyone not familiar with DAL's previously reported quarterly/annual earnings, recently reported Q1 financials (earnings of $239,000 or 0.01/share) may not seem significant; but when viewed in comparison with the year prior, there's little doubt that Dalmac could be in line for a record year of earnings and that it's currently trading at extremely low multiples to those earnings.


As WE know, DAL reported earnings for fiscal Q1 of $239,000 or 0.01/share, an increase of 212% from a loss of $212,812 or (0.01 / share) the previous year.  Please find last year's reported earnings below.


Q1  ($212,812)  (0.01/share)

Q2 $859,139  0.04 / share

Q3  $1,129,446  0.06 / share

Q4  $853,370  0.04 / share

Total Year  $2,629,143  0.13 / share


Should Dalmac continue to show the significant growth in revenue and earnings as they've projected for the year, and demonstrated in Q1, then there's no doubt that DAL is considerably undervalued at the current share price of 0.53.  Using a modest 7-8 times trailing earnings ratio, applies fair value of 0.91 - $1.04 price per share...again that's trailing earnings and not considering the evident growth (+212% earnings in Q1) that the company has already shown and on pace for in the upcoming quarters.


Have a great weekend.