After the repayment of the debt (all tranches) was exposed to Mighty River / Mr.Xie until the end of December 2015, we are now exactly at the point where we were ever in February 2013. At that time, the mine and the plant was ready, all permits were granted and the management was looking for investors who still fund 5-10 million dollars to start up the plant and the mine. At that time the price was ~ 20cent. The total number of issued shares + warrant + options + convertibles was in February 2013 at ~ 232 million shares. page 7. Currently, the number  is ~ 293.5 million shares (but tomorrow expire 9.6 million warrants) page 22 +23. The number of shares (fully diluted) has thus increased by ~ 52 million pieces, which corresponds to an increase of ~ 22%. The share price, however, dropped in this period from ~ 20 cent to currently 2.0 cents, representing a reduction of ~ 90%. However, during this period the price of gold has dropped by ~ $ 1,600 / oz on currently $ 1,300 / oz and the debt burden of Cadan has increased by 6 million dollars. Should it succeed, however, the full production to achieve (15-20,000 ounces / year) in 2015, this debt will be paid back. Possibly. even the convertible bonds