i think he missed the decimal point on that report  it is simple math  2 mil x 1336   2.6 billion

if cost to produce is 700  then that leaves 632 per ounce profit  x 2 mil   equals 1.6 billion

less taxes and royalities  guessing around  50 percent    632,000,000  divide by number of shares 

this works out to 5.4 per share  but if value goes up  options get exercised  this delutes that number.    but it still should be well over 2.50 a share and that is why  the investor from perth via china is trying to run it into the ground so he can pick it up for nothing.
the only thing he does not understand is he will be sued by shareholders for these actions and delays in fiancing the project . he is trying hard to put the company into default  because he is the creditor.  this company just needs a little more to get over the hump then we see our returns.
lets hope it happens