Someone stated that there isn't any value in Calibre's joint project with Alder since they've only soil sampled and trenched so far. This is incorrect. Alder drilled more than 5000 m last year. Also the results from the Santa Rita project have been quite good so far. Some examples:

- 65m grading 1.48 g/t Gold, 0.20% Copper and 2.00 g/t Silver

- 8m grading 29.54 g/t Gold

There are also some nice long copper intervalls.

Although the Primavera results are far from bad (nice long low grade intervalls) if I'd make a pick today I'd go with the Santa Rita project. Also drilling at the Santa Rita project is stated to 7500m in 2013 compared to 1500m for the Primavera project. 

Lastly Alder's mcap is roughly 1/5 of Calibre's..