Intresting to see Calibre today.

Dont miss Alder Resources (ALR) if Calibre breakout now and news from Primavera coming up. Alders Rosita-projekt is 8km north Primavera projekt in Nicuragua and last year Alders SP follow Calibres after the Primavera news.

Last year, 20/1-2012


Calibre chart 1/1 - 15/2 2012: 

Alder Resources chart 1/1 - 15/2 2012:

Take 1-2 minutes of your time to read the pressrelease out of Alder Resources from Jan 9th:
I am quite confident that the link above will peak your interest enough to listen to this 12-minute interview with Don Dudek, also from Jan 9th:

Alder/Calibre - great juniors!