when is next CXB news expected /


To reiterate:

- BTO is CXB's JV partner at Primavera and controls news flow. Clive Johnson, CEO of BTO, promised in his last quarterly conference call that BTO would put out a NR before end of 2012. He's late.

- CXB said in their last NR that drilling would be complete by Xmas, and then after Xmas they would collect and interpret all information and put out a news release. The majority of drilling was already done by then (I forget when - end November?) and the geophysics was already done by the fall.

- CXB is presenting at a Nicaraguan promo seminar at PDAC on the Tuesday (I think that's March 5?). In order for Greg Smith to not look bad, it's very likely the Primavera results will be out by then. Now, I'm sure he'll also talk about the Alder JV, and CXB's 100%-owned targets - but Primavera seems to be what people care about nowadays.

- since BTO spent $1.5M on drilling Primavera in Q4, as well as building a permanent camp on site, I think CXB's results won't be the "too embarassing - let's sit on them and not say anything" variety.