No. B2 has the option to buy another $5M of shares at 50 cents at the date specified (April something?).

What it means is if the upcoming NR is so great that CXB pops to 75, B2 will be able to buy shares at 50.

If the news only pops CXB to .30 or .40, B2 could buy shares cheaper on the market if they wanted to, so they likely won't exercise the option.

I think the B2 agreement though should be though of as a (successful) attempt to help keep CXB funded through the recent disaster that's been the exploration world. I.e., CXB has enough cash to keep exploring. If it wasn't for that deal, CXB would have collapsed to 2 cents like everyone else who ran out of cash has done.

Instead they have something like $3-$4M still at bank, and B2 is doing all the spending at Primavera.