Spring is around the corner.  The Venture is showing signs of life again.  I am still optimistic 2013 is the year they move this forward.  I just made that post in the hopes Mgmt would read it and literally tell the friends and family to hurry up.  700k Market Cap = the cost of the tailings ponds.  How long can they give the 6 million dollar mine and ALL the other properties away for FREE?  Yes Mgmt probably had control long ago, I just want to be along for the ride.


They supposedly discovered a new vein at surface they could start bulk "green" mining as soon as they pull permits.  The stalling is so blatant and obvious, if Conway fails a class action lawsuit would be the course of action I would take.  I think they raised 6 or 7 million to buy the mine mainly through share issuance, so many investors can't be too happy at this market cap.