before I was so rudely interrupted. Do your homework on this company by checking out the whole core website, especially all the historical press releases up to the present. Also check out their investor presentation and fact sheet. If you have any additional questions, get in touch with someone from the company. My point is if you do not like the prospects for Corre, then sell or just walk away (if you do not already own). However, if you do believe in the future of Corre then there is no better time than right now to load up! Sure you can wait for the next contract news to get in, but believe me you will be paying much higher prices to get in.

Sure, John has sold some recently (he did the same thing over a year ago) but check out how much he owns personally and you will see that it is less than insignificant. John has been a consistent buyer and I am sure he will be buying more. This will be the year that Corre gains traction on the contract (thus sp) and it could start as soon as any day now.