Hi EVERYONE at Copper fox metals bull board blog!!!!  I hope EVERYONE is having the BEST day!!!!!

Wowsers!!!!  Thingz are lookin a iddy biddy bit grimm over at Agoracom Small Cap discussion bulll board blog.  Just a coupile of posts and most are from Foxyroller talkin about Oogggy Boogggy Man and Mysterious support at 22 cents.  

Their IS support at 22 cents but it is just the iddy biddy retail guyz and they kinda shrivil up when sellin starts and stuff.  

The graphs and technicles are NOT lookin to good STILL.  

CUU.V (TSX-V) Signal Page - STAY SHORT.  EwE!!!!

CUU.V - COPPER FOX MINERA, Stock Quote, Technical Analysis, Stock Rating NEUTRAL.  Yeah!!!!

CUU.VN | Barchart Opinion for Copper Fox Minerals Inc.
Short Term Indicators Average: 60% Sell.  Ewe!!!
Medium Term Indicators Average: 100% Sell  Ewe!!!
Long Term Indicators Average: 100% Sell   Ewe!!!
Overall Average: 88% Sell   Ewe!!!
Support 21.3 cents

Stock Technical Analysis: Analysis of CUU.C based on EMA, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Fibonacci, trends and gaps  Bearish harimi candlestick.  
EUTRAL BEARISH NEUTRAL BEARISH for Overall short Intermediate and long termz

Only one more day this week to make the weekly graph look ANY better. or worse.  Thingz are NOT lookin to good for Copper fox metals stocks.  

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Have the BEST day EVERYONE!!!!  YEAH!!!!  ^_^