Hi EVERYONE at Copper fox metals bull board blog!!!!  I hope EVERYONE is having a great day.  Yeah!!!!

Boy some folks still coming at o'l Foxyroller.  Maybe if he was not such a meanie and made some sense once in a while....     If follkes are not carefull Foxy will start ANOTHER Agoracom investegation into all this.  !  

Maybe Foxyroller can start actually posting something other than insults and other people's usless postes.   How about it Foxy... 

Hey Foxy...
Is the price baked in now?  You said it was baked in at 60 somethin cents.  Something was baked anyweys huh?.  

When is NGs halve of Galore with its Enviro certificate and new zones and high grades that has been for sale for 2 and a half years gonna close?   Pretty soon huh?    Could take that long for Copper fox metals to sell its 25%...  Tick tock Tech right?

Teck will spend up to $60M on developing the mine and 25% of that can be considered Copper fox metals share paid.  Copper fox got $20Millions for singing the deal.  Money in the bank.   YEAH!!!!  They MAY get another $20M if a production decision is made by Teck.  They MAY get another $20 millions more if they finish building the mine.  If they do not make a production decision or build the mine they get nada.  If the summer drills ever start they could be the deal maker or breaker on that production decision huh?  How many failed drills do you think they will have this year?  Last year was something like 50% lost or dudds.  

Cuu leveraged the port agreement, the whole BC project outside the old agreement,  120 days and the $380M earn-in criteria in the old agreement essentially for $20M and Teck spending money towards a crap shoot on the rest.  

Do not forget the dessert.   Those teenie patches of sand have got Elmer giggling so look out!!!!

Has the train left the station ?  Which way is it headed?  South?   Choo choooo....

I hope EVERYONE has the very BEST DAY they can!!!!!!   Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ^_^