From AG:


The only reason Teck would not buy us out now is because Ernesto would be asking for a certain $ amount. An amount that considers what the CUU ''BOD'' already know they have on the other ''Untested'' portion of the Paramount zone.
We have 1 to 1 correlation on the West side.
It's a game changer they know they have. It's more than 1/2 the size, the chargeability is stronger on the East portion and we already know the grades that came out of the West side.
Is Ernesto willing to wait 2-3 months and let Teck put in 5+ drills to prove and double the scope.
The upside...
1) Teck would need to spend $340 million. (CUU has spent $85 million in 10 years mostly on non-drilling activities. Resources estimate(s), PEA, Feasibility study, environmental study, lawyers, accountants, salaries, aerial surveys, Titan surveys, etc...)
2) CUU would have the ''financed to production'' card
3) All those majors that are waiting for Teck to act (Korea, China, India), could act at any moment. Before or after results are released this year.
They would be in competition with each other to secure this spot= Bidding war. We would get more money based on the bidding war and because Teck would prove up alot more value.
It's eaiser to sell 25% of a ''mine to be'' (remember Quellaveco-Peru), in Canada, with power and port, pro mining politics and no enviro issues....
And even easier when you are financed to production. You don't have to spend a penny. Just let Teck do all the work. What majors wouldn't want to secure that and fight for it before another tries to get it.
4) Environmental application is coming, this will start the permit process (good as done). Concurrent permitting for road access.
IMO it's going to be an easy sell, we would just get more from it based on probable bidding war and drilling activity on the untested portion of the Paramount zone.